'To see a world in a grain of sand ...' William Blake


Over the last 10 years of commercial developments our belief and drive has always been, that in this complex and highly interconnected world, organisations can be transformed by clear processes embracing complexity together with an understanding of data in the real-world.

We believe expert, trained human intuition to be a powerful force in the face of complexity, but it can be amplified and augmented by the right technology and has an integral role in practical data science.

Our new approach, with the ‘human’ at its centre is a clear process to handle complexity, bridging you to your data, to better grasp your operating landscape, its many nuances and subtle interactions.

You can then identify key data to drive positive change, gain fresh insights, make good decisions, achieve profitable outcomes and make continuous improvement.


BlakesEye™ helps people take data informed (evidence based) decisions and develop a data informed strategy using a fast to action, guerrilla approach to data science with a small agile team.

We can help, advise and deliver on:

  • Getting Started with Data and tackling complexity (when not sure where to begin)

  • Defining the problems to solve and identify the desired business outcomes: Define success

  • Develop a deep and wider understanding of your system

  • Understand the nature of data & context. Find how it fits with your business

  • A simple first approach 

  • Develop a cost controlled data informed strategy

  • Tools and skills

  • Taking action with data and delivering a return on investment

The BlakesEye™ Bridge combines new methods and our own smart data platform, to provide decision support, amplifying and augmenting expert human intuition. This enables you:-

  • To see your business as a landscape, impacted by external forces that you can shape to your advantage whilst identifying and removing bottlenecks
  • To be able to answer questions, to discuss and develop actions in a single meeting and not wait weeks for the data to be analysed

  • To put your tactics into a model for rapid scenario planning that makes you confident that you will make the right decision, or avoid a costly mistake

  • To be able to track the implementation of your decisions, measure and report ROI and engage in continuous improvement

For example, the BlakesEye Bridge for Population Health can help build services for a GP or GP group to proactively manage the most difficult cohorts on their practice lists. These cohorts include an ageing population, those with chronic disease and multi-morbidities. The union and crossover in these cohorts present the greatest complexity in demand for any practice


We have extensive relevant experience with designing and delivering data driven systems. This experience includes driving chronic patient care simultaneously across over 1000 practices, using technology to capture, process, interpret and report clinical data. This technology and live reporting augmented the ability of specialist healthcare professionals to embed guideline care. Collective reporting enabled groups of practices to monitor overall progress. These commercially sponsored ‘service to medicine’ programs ran for many years.

We came to face the realisation that no-one had practical tools or the knowledge to properly explain the data from complex systems, especially where people and process combined. Working across industries, in the face of complexity, time and again, we faced the same problem. This experience was the genesis of the BlakesEye™ Bridge development.

BlakesEye™ employs seasoned, cross dicipline professionals, possessing a wealth of experience in technology, science, research, education and project management.

We have gained two significant SMART financial awards for our innovation in handling complexity and complex data.

A signature of Complexity is that it is often scale-free, where the smallest detail or change can sometimes have the biggest effect and that change will emerge over different periods of time, without obvious cause.

The name BlakesEye™ is derived from the start of a poem by William Blake (Auguries of Innocence) that, to us, encapsulated the key dimensions of complexity so well. 

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower 
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand 
And Eternity in an hour

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